Clipboard image support in Silverlight

2009-11-26 at 10:23

This post is too long for twitter, and is the first of hopefully many posts in English on my blog. I think I will be migrating to English when writing technical posts.

Just a quick realization that I used to comment at
Thought it may be interesting to share with all 4 of my readers ;-)

Clipboard text support is an obvious feature for silverlight, but clipboard image support could be silverlight’s “killer feature”, and help developers choose it over Air, Flash or javascript.

Simple copy/paste of screenshots, emoticons, photos would revolutionize many websites like flickr, myspace, and forums. Developers would promote silverlight popularity if only to use it for this single feature, similar to using invisible flash for “multiple file upload” feature.

Since webcam support is added in SL 4, this is the next obvious step (the user can point the webcam at the screen to “copy/paste” a screenshot, but is this user friendly?)

All the hoops that users have to go through today just to post an image on the web are some bad joke. I can fax my screenshots faster than I can put them on the web, how crazy is that?
I am sure Google realizes this and will provide a better way in Chrome, as this is one of the “must-get-rid-of” gaps between desktop and web apps, but it would be good for Microsoft to innovate when they have a chance instead of playing catch-up.

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